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Economy CordLess Monitor


Description :

This portable monitor is designed to alert caregivers when an at-risk individual attempts to leave their bed or chair without assistance, pushes a call button for assistance, or opens a door to wander. The monitor can be placed up to 300 feet away from the resident, allowing you to remove startling alarm noise from the room and create a quiet & secure environment for each resident.  Monitor alerts with audible chime and bright blinking red light, and features an easy Low-Medium-High volume control. The Economy CordLess Fall Prevention Alert, when used with a sensor pad helps to reduce entanglement and tripping hazards. It is ideal for home or facility use. Battery not included (3-C).  Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04).

Portable Alert can receive signals up to 300 ft. away from CordLess component
Alert consists of gentle chime alarm & bright blinking red light
Low-Medium-High Volume Control
Low Battery Indicator Light
Nurse call Port – Plugs into existing nurse call system
1-Year Warranty

Compatible/Use with ( ALL NOT INCLUDED ):   
• CordLess Bed Sensor Pad: PTB-RI /PTB-WI /PTB-45 /PTB-90
• CordLess Chair Sensor Pad: PTC-RI /PTC-WI /PTC-45 /PTC-90 
• CordLess Floor Sensor Mat: PTFM-05C /PTFM-07C  
• CordLess Landing Mat: PTLM-01C• CordLess Fall Mattress: GWC-02
• Wireless Motion Sensor: 433-MS 
• Wireless Nurse Call Button: 433-NC
• Wireless Touch Button: 433-TB 
• Wireless Remote Reset Button:  433-RB
• Wireless Door/Window Exit Alarm:  433-EXT
• TL-2100 & 3100 Series Monitors with 433-NCA
• AC Power Adapter: AC-04

Quantity :