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Corded Weight-Sensing Replacement Landing Mat (Gray, 24"x 71"x1")


Description :

The Smart Caregiver Corded Landing Mat is Weight-Sensing and designed for use with our Corded TL-2100 Series Fall Prevention Monitors. The Landing Mat can be placed by the bedside or in a doorway. When the resident gets out of bed or tries to leave the room and weight is applied to the mat, it will send a signal to a monitor and alarm will sound to alert the caregiver. Unique and exclusive Weight-Sensing Impact Mat reduces injuries from falls and alerts caregiver when resident needs assistance. Monitor Required. For facility or in-home use. Features: • Gray, 24x71x1” • Unique, SafeTRelease™ Cord separates instead of breaking or pulling cord away from mat • 1-Year Warranty Oversized box. Additional freight required. Compatible/Use with: • TamperProof™ Safety Auto-Reset Fall Prevention Monitor (TL-2100S) • Fall Prevention Alert with Pad Life Indicator (Change Pad) Monitor (TL-2100CP) • Economy Bed/Chair/Exit Fall Prevention Monitor (TL-2100E) • Low-Cost Bed/Chair Exit Fall Prevention Monitor (TL-2100B) • Wireless Fall Prevention Monitor (TL-4016) • Dual Pull-String & Bed-Exit Voice Recordable Monitor (TL-3100V)

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