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CordLess Weight-Sensing Replacement Chair Pad (10"x15", 90-Day)


Description :

The Smart Caregiver CordLess Replacement Chair Pad is Weight-Sensing and includes a transmitter that sends a signal. When triggered, it sends a wireless signal to the corresponding receiver, setting off the alert for the caregiver to assist. The CordLess Chair Pad is placed under the resident, on a chair, to capture resident movement. The CordLess sensor pad functions with absolutely no cord between the pad and the monitor. CordLess sensor pads are easily set up to signal one or more of CordLess compatible alerts (CordLess Alert and Economy Central Monitor). Range up to 300 ft. allows you to remove alarm noise from the room and create a quiet and secure environment for each resident. For facility or in-home use. Monitor Required. Features: • 10" x 15" Weight-Sensing Pressure Pad • CordLess • Range up to 300 ft. (depending on Cordless Monitor) • 90-Day Warranty For Use With: • Quiet CordLess Fall Prevention Alert- TL-2100G CordLess Monitor • Low Cost

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