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DUAL Bed Pad & Chair Pull-String Alarm with Weight-Sensing Floor Mat (24"x48") System In Retail Packaging


Description :

The Dual Pull-String & Bed-Exit Voice Recordable Monitor works as a pull-string monitor OR sensor floor mat with the added ability to record a personalized message to be played back when the alarm is activated. For floor mat use, the monitor is ideally placed at the bedside or in a doorway and then connected to the corded sensor floor mat capable of alerting the caregiver when an individual gets up and weight is placed on the floor mat. For chair use, the pull-string features a magnet-positioned cord that attaches via a garment clip to the resident’s clothing. When the resident attempts to get out of their chair, the tension on the pull-string cord causes the magnet to pull away from its position, causing the monitor to sound, alerting the caregiver of the resident’s departure. Adjust the Cord Stop to the desired length for the resident’s comfort and also to prevent false alarms. The monitor automatically resets when the magnetic pull cord is replaced. The monitor is designed without an ON/OFF switch, which means it is ALWAYS ON and cannot be turned off. Caregivers use the easily accessible Alarm Reset Button to silence the alarm and attend to resident needs without the potential for accidentally leaving alarm off. The recording function allows the resident to hear a melody or a familiar voice instead of an alarm sound as resident attempts to get out of bed or walks through a doorway. Caregivers or family members can record a personalized message, like, “Please sit tight, Mrs. Jones, help is on its way.” Or, if preferred, up to a 15-second clip of the resident’s choice of music. Batteries included (3-AA). Features: • Professional Grade • Dual Function of Pull String or Bed Exit Alarm • Recordable Voice and Alarm Sound. Recordable - up to a 15 second clip of the resident’s choice of music. • No On/Off Switch – Unit is “Always On.” Caregiver can’t forget to turn monitor back on • Easy to reset with a raised Reset button on the face of the monitor • Includes Low Battery and Monitor Status Indicator Lights • Pad Signal Lost Light notification: Notifies caregiver that sensor pad connection has been lost • Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance • Nurse call Port – Plugs into existing nurse call system • Built-in strain relief clip to reduce the number of broken cords from accidental or excessive pulling from resident or bed rails • Protective boot and hanging strap • Wall Mount Screws and Hardware included • Battery operated (3-AA included) or optional AC adapter (AC-05) • For facility or in-home care • 1-Year Warranty Floor Mat Features: • 24"x48", Gray, Durable, Professional-Grade • Unique, SafeTRelease™ Cord separates instead of breaking or pulling cord away from floor mat • 1-Year Warranty Compatible/Use with: • Corded Bed Sensor Pad: PPB-RI/WI/45/90 • Corded Chair Sensor Pad: PPC- RI/WI/45/90 • Corded Floor Sensor Mat: FM-05 /FM-07 • Corded Landing Mat: LM-01 • Easy Release Wheelchair Seat Belt - TL-2109 • Quick Release Wheelchair Hook & Loop Seat Belt - TL-2109V • Nurse Call Adapter - 433-NCA • AC Adapter (AC-05)

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