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Easy-to-Use Bed/Chair Exit Alarm With Weight-Sensing Corded Bed Pad (10"x30") - Retail Packaged System


Description :

This Complete Corded Bed Exit Monitoring System includes a Easy-to-Use™, Low Cost Bed Exit Fall Prevention Alert programmed to a Corded 10"x30" Weight-Sensing Bed Sensor Pad and is designed to alert caregivers when an at-risk individual attempts to leave their bed without assistance. The Easy-to-Use™, Low Cost Bed Exit Fall Prevention Alert with reset button and bed bracket is ideally placed at the bedside, and then connected to a corded weight-sensing bed pad capable of alerting the caregiver when an individual gets up and weight is removed from the pad. The Easy-to-Use™ Bed Exit Fall Prevention Alert is a low cost – no frills fall prevention monitor. It is a full-function, low cost fall prevention alert. This monitor and weight-sensing bed pad is for nursing homes or any home or facility with a tight budget. It is made of durable plastic and includes simple features including nurse call port to connect to existing nurse call systems. It will automatically reset when a resident places weight back on a bed pad. Features: • Low Cost with Basic Functions • Safety Auto-Reset™ function: Monitor will automatically reset when weight is re-applied to connected bed pad. • No On/Off Switch – Unit is “Always On.” Caregiver can’t forget to turn monitor back on • Easy to reset with a large raised button on the face of the unit • Monitor can be set to silent when using an existing nurse call system and additional nurse call cord • Includes a status light to let you know if the pad is disconnected • Includes Low Battery Indicator light • Built-in strain relief clip to reduce the number of broken cords from accidental or excessive pulling from resident or bed rails • Nurse Call Capability - enables you to use with existing hard-wired nurse call systems • Includes metal bed bracket. Wall Mount Screws and Hardware included • Battery Operated (1-9 Volt, Not Included) or optional AC Power Adapter (AC-02) • 1-Year Warranty Corded Weight-Sensing Bed Pad: • 10"x30", Durable, Professional-Grade • Unique, SafeTRelease™ Cord separates instead of breaking or pulling cord away from pad • 1-Year Warranty Compatible/Use with: • Corded Bed Sensor Pad: PPB-RI/WI/45/90 • Corded Chair Sensor Pad: PPC- RI/WI/45/90 • Corded Floor Sensor Mat: FM-05 /FM-07 • Corded Landing Mat: LM-01 • Easy Release Wheelchair Seat Belt - TL-2109 • Quick Release Wheelchair Hook & Loop Seat Belt - TL-2109V • AC Adapter (AC-02)

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