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Basic Magnetic Pull String Monitor


Description :

This Pull-String Fall Prevention Monitor features a magnet-positioned cord that attaches via a garment clip to the resident's clothing. When the resident attempts to get out of their chair, the tension on the cord causes the magnet to pull away from its position, causing the monitor to sound, alerting the caregiver of the resident's departure.

The pull-string has a guard to protect from magnet slippage, preventing false alarms.

Adjustable cord length for resident comfort and false alarm reduction.

Mounting strap included.

1-Year limited manufacturer warranty.

Battery not included (1-9V).



Magnet alarm automatically resets when magnet is replaced

Alarm sounds at 95 decibels

Locking Mounting Strap -The integrated, locking mounting strap easily and securely mounts to chair backs

Battery operated only - 9 volt

1-Year limited manufacturer warranty

Quantity :