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Call Buttons with Pager


Description :

The Two Call Button Paging System includes Two Call Buttons and One Pager. The call buttons send a signal to the caregiver's pager. It is a simple, streamlined system. With the press of a button, the resident can immediately alert a caregiver that assistance is needed. The call buttons require very little pressure to push. A lanyard is included for each call button so they can be worn like a pendant, or the call button cradles can be mounted to any flat surface with the included double-stick tape.

The Caregiver Pager has two audible sounds to choose from and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. The Pager has two alert settings, a 15-second-long siren and a 3-second-long doorbell-like chime. Batteries included (2-AA, 2-12V).

Two nurse call buttons
One pocket-sized pager with audible alert
Adhesive double-sided tape included so call button cradles can be mounted to wall
Pager requires (2) AA batteries (included)
Nurse Call Buttons require 1-A23 (12v) each, Batteries (included)
Range:  Up to 300 feet
90 Day Warranty
• Stand-alone System
Included: 2-12-volt batteries A23 ( call buttons ) and 2 AA batteries ( pager )

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