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Easy-to-Use Quiet Fall Prevention Alert to Pager with Corded Bed Weight-Sensing Pad (10"x30") and LCD Pager System


Description :

The Quiet Wireless Fall Prevention Alert to Pager is ideally placed at the bedside and then connected to a corded weight-sensing bed pad. The pad is placed under the resident and when the resident gets up from the pad it will send a silent, wireless signal to the caregiver pager. If the weight is re-applied to the bed pad, the monitor will automatically reset. The Quiet Wireless Fall Prevention Alert to Pager and Wireless Pager system is designed to send and receive alerts remotely via wireless pager to notify the caregiver. For facility or in-home use. Batteries not included (3-AA). Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-05). Monitor Features: • Monitor transmits (433Mhz) wireless signal to a local pager to notify the caregiver outside the room to decrease noise and resident anxiety • Auto-Reset: Monitor automatically resets when weight is re-applied to connected weight-sensing pad or floor mat • Low Battery Light: Notifies caregiver that batteries should be changed • Check Pad Light: Indicates that connection to bed sensor pad has been disrupted • Monitor has a built-in Nurse Call Button and raised visual status light for easy caregiver paging • Reset button on the face of the monitor • Wireless Fall Prevention Monitor is designed for use with the Corded Weight-Sensing pads and floor mats • Multiple monitors can alert a single pager • Monitor can be programmed with a 3-digit number identifier that displays on pager and Large Facility Central Monitor • 3 Adjustable Alert Tones / Fully Adjustable Volume Control / 0,1,2 Second Delay Control • Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance • Nurse call Port – Plugs into existing nurse call system • Built-in strain relief clip to reduce the number of broken cords from accidental or excessive pulling from resident or bed rails • Protective Boot: Impact-resistant boot with hanging buckle-strap • Wall Mount Screws and Hardware included • Battery operated (3-AA not included) or optional AC adapter (AC-05) • 1-Year Warranty Pager Features: • Small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt • Volume and language/tone options and a silent vibration mode • LCD screen which lights up when the alert is received • Receives signal up to 300 feet • Battery operated, 2-AA, Not Included • 6-Month Warranty Corded Weight-Sensing Bed Pad: • 10"x30", Durable, Professional-Grade • Unique, SafeTRelease™ Cord separates instead of breaking or pulling cord away from floor mat • 1-Year Warranty Compatible/Use with: • LCD Pager for Quiet Wireless Fall Prevention Alert to Pager: TL-4016P • Corded Bed Sensor Pad: PPB-RI/WI/45/90 • Corded Chair Sensor Pad: PPC- RI/WI/45/90 • Corded Floor Sensor Mat: FM-05 /FM-06 /FM-07 • Resident Bedside Call Button with Cord (functions with TL-4016) - TL-4016NC • Corded Landing Mat: LM-01 • Easy Release Wheelchair Seat Belt - TL-2109 • Quick Release Wheelchair Hook & Loop Seat Belt - TL-2109V • Large Facility Central Monitor – TL-4015 • AC Adapter (AC-05)

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