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Wireless Central Monitoring Unit 40 Components


Description :

The Wireless Central Monitor is capable of monitoring multiple residents from one central location for up to 40 Wireless Components and is ideal for facility and home use. This monitor eliminates in-room alarm noise & significantly reduces the tripping hazards associated with corded units. Works with all 433 Wireless Components. Each resident can be assigned a CordLess sensor pad, floor mat, motion sensor, Window/Door Exit Sensor and/or nurse call button so that when triggered, a wireless signal is transmitted silently to the central monitor up to 300 ft. away. Audible and visual alert occurs at the central monitor and displays the number corresponding to the wireless component. Batteries not included (4-C). Includes AC Power Adapter. Features: • Monitor up to 40 devices: CordLess Bed & Chair Sensor Pads, CordLess Floor Mats & Landing Mats, Wireless Nurse Call Buttons & Remote Reset Buttons, Wireless Window/Door Exit Sensors and Motion Sensors. • Monitor up to 300 ft. away • Audible and visual alert • AC Power adapter: AC-04 included Compatible/Use with: • Wireless Caregiver Pager with LCD Display: 433-PGD • Wireless Caregiver Pager and Reset Button with LCD Display: 433-PRB • CordLess Bed Sensor Pad: PTB-RI /PTB-WI /PTB-45 /PTB-90 • CordLess Chair Sensor Pad: PTC-RI /PTC-WI /PTC-45 /PTC-90 • CordLess Floor Sensor Mat: PTFM-05C/PTFM-07C • CordLess Landing Mat: PTLM-01C • Wireless Motion Sensor: 433-MS • Wireless Nurse Call Button: 433-NC • Wireless Remote Reset Button: 433-RB • Wireless Door/Window Exit Sensor: 433-EXT • TL-2100 & 3100 Series Monitors with 433-NCA • Economy CordLess Fall Prevention Alert: 433-EC • Wireless Economy Fall Prevention Monitor: TL-2020

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