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Anti-Wandering Door Bar System


Description :

All-in-one DepartAlert™ Anti-Wandering Door Bar System functions with just a Door Alarm and a Resident Wristband. The unit is very easy to install. Simply mount the door bar alarm with the attached double-sided mounting adhesives on non-metal next to any crucial doorways or exits in your home, plug into an AC outlet then place and secure the wristband on your loved one. When the person wearing the wristband transmitter attempts open the door and to wander through the doorway, the door bar will sound audibly and visually. To silence and reset the alarm, use the remote reset button that can be placed up to 40 feet away. The included contact switch should be be installed so that the alarm will only alert when the door is open and a resident wearing a wrist transmitter is attempting to open the door. A wireless pager comes with the Home System for additional alert notification. Optional Magnetic Door Lock. AC Power Adapter included.

Features: • Easy steps for installation • System is ideal for home use • Simple for all to operate • Ready for use upon delivery; no hard wiring necessary • System includes: 1 Door Bar, 1 Contact Switch, 1 Wristband Transmitter, 5 extra wristbands (no transmitter), 1 Remote Reset Button, 1 Wireless Pager, AC Power Adapter. • Alarm Alert Sound: Continuous • Range up to 300 feet. • 1-Year Warranty

For Use With or Optional Components: • Resident Wristband Transmitters (TL-4012) • Magnetic Door Lock (TL-2025)

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