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Wristband and Transmitter for Door Bar Systems


Description :

The Resident Wristband Transmitter is designed to be worn by an at-risk individual as part of the Anti-Wandering Depart Alert Door Bar System. The wristband transmitter is placed and secured on the wrist of the resident. When a resident wearing a wristband transmitter comes within range of the door bar sensor, the door bar will alarm, alerting caregivers to the potential departure so they can respond in time to prevent elopement. Individuals not wearing wristband transmitters can enter and exit the facility without triggering the alarm. Door Bar Alert required

Self-Contained Battery w/ 6-month battery life (Not replaceable) Water Resistant

For facility or in-home use

6-Month Warranty

For Use With:

Anti-Wandering System TL-4005SYS ( NOT INCLUDED )

Anti-Wandering Home System TL-4005HOME ( NOT INCLUDED )

Quantity :