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Wireless Caregiver Pager With Reset Button and LCD Display


Description :

The Local Pager with Reset Button for the Wireless Central Monitor is used to notify caregiver with either audible tone or vibration which component activated the alert. Bed, Chair, Floor Mat, Landing Mat, Window/Door Exit, Nurse Call Button and Motion Sensor components silently send a signal to the central monitor and instantaneously a wireless signal is sent to the pager to alert the caregiver. Notification to the pager eliminates in-room alarm noise. The caregiver is notified while away from the Central Monitoring Unit. The Central Monitor and/or Caregiver Pager state the number of component sending a signal and audibly and visually lists the same information. The reset button function enables the caregiver be notified and ability to reset and silence the Central Monitor remotely. Programming with Economy Central Monitor is required and is not included. Battery operated, 2-AA, not included. Features: • Range: Up To 300 feet • Reset monitor button • Review button • Adjustable Volume –Low, Medium, High • Vibrate or Tone Option, audible numeric alert • Numerical LCD Display illuminate when alerting • Pager Case with clip • 6-month warranty • Battery operated, 2-AA, not included. Compatible/Use with: • Wireless Central Monitoring Unit: 433-CMU-40 / 433-CMU-60

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