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Non-Magnetic Pull String Monitor


Description :

The Non-Magnetic Pull-String Monitor alerts the caregivers to reduce falls when a resident attempts to get out of their chair. The cord fastens to the resident’s clothing and then, with a non-magnetic connector clips to the monitor. The Pull-String Monitor uses a garment clip attached to a pull-cord to attach to a resident’s clothing and alerts when the resident attempts to get up, it pulls the clips apart and sets off the alarm. The Pull-String Monitor can be used on a wheelchair or chair. The Non-Magnetic Pull-String alarm won't interfere with magnetic sensitive equipment. 1-Year Warranty, Battery not included (1-9V). Features: • Fall Prevention Alert is non-magnetic • Alarm engages as the resident attempts to leave by pulling the clips apart • Strap is included for easy mounting • 95 dB (volume not adjustable) • One year limited manufacturer warranty • Battery operated only - 9 volt, not included Compatible/Use with: • Stand-alone

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